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The underlying pillar of our philosophy for design-build projects is trust.  By developing and fostering trust between the Owner, contractor, and engineer, a remarkable synergy is developed which translates to successful projects and satisfied clients.  When this is accomplished, clients get what they want and the construction experience becomes a pleasurable journey.

More and more clients are selecting to the design-build process for their capital projects, turning the tables on low-cost contractor selection in favor of the best value, history of engineer and contractor relations, and the team’s ability to function collaboratively. Embracing the design-build philosophy has proven to increase opportunities for innovation while providing the potential to shorten the overall project schedule – a win-win situation for all members of the team.

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Why We Do It Better

Advantages of design-build include:

  • Single point of accountability and contact for the client
  • Risk is shifted to the design-builder, reduced risk for the client
  • Ability for the client to select the contractor and engineer based on qualifications and historical success
  • Project cost is determined based on a budget so the client knows the project cost early in the design process, not when the bids come in
  • Projects are completed faster than conventional design-bid-build
  • Constructability is built into the project since the contractor is involved throughout the design, resulting in lower costs and higher quality


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